home studio.jpg

Here’s some equipment I’ve found useful in setting up a home YouTube studio. I’m a newbie at all this, and this is very much a work in progress. But I tend to research equipment pretty carefully.


Microphones and podcast mixers

Tripods and stands

  • Tablet stand (to use tablet as teleprompter): Nbryte tablift stand amazon link

  • Tabletop tripod: UBeesize Tripod S amazon link

Main lights

Accessory lights (for ambience)

  • Black light: Kingbo 30w UV light amazon link

  • Curtain lights: Brightown window curtain string lights amazon link


  • Backdrop stand: Emart stand 10’ by 12’ amazon link

  • Backdrop clamps: Cheaplights 6-pack amazon link

  • Desert backdrop: CSFOTO Joshua Tree landscape 7x5’ amazon link

  • Palace backdrop: Medieval Palace Pillar 7x5’ amazon link

  • Spaceship backdrop: Baocicco spaceship interior 7x5’ amazon link

  • Forest backdrop: Leowefowa jungle forest 7x5’ amazon link

Other stuff you may need:

  • gigabit/second internet (for livestreaming & to upload video fast)

  • laptop

  • tablet (use as teleprompter to read scripts)

  • teleprompter app for tablet: www.promptsmart.com

  • editing software such as Adobe Premier Pro

  • desk lights, surge protectors

  • tables, chairs, decorations