Ph.D. Students & Post-Docs

Ph.D. Students

  • Jon Sefcek; co-advisor, Psychology (University of Arizona), 2007; Dissertation: Human intelligence and life history theory. dissertation  website
  • Yann Klimentidis; co-advisor, Anthropology, 2008; Dissertation: Genetic admixture and ethnic ancestry among Hispanic and Native Americans in New Mexico. website
  • Gil Greengross, co-advisor, Anthropology, 2008; Dissertation: In search of Homo humorus: Personality, health, humor styles, and humor as a mental fitness indicator in stand-up comedians and the rest of us. dissertation  website
  • Joshua Tybur; main advisor, 2009; Dissertation: Disgust dissected: An investigation of the validity of the three domain disgust scale. website
  • Ilanit Tal; main advisor, 2009; Dissertation: The role of major histocompatibility complex genes in human kin recognition and mate preferences. website
  • Laura Dane; main advisor 2009; Dissertation: An analysis of the sexual dimorphism of hands: Attractiveness, symmetry, and person perception. website
  • Ethan White; co-advisor, 2009.  Dissertation: Verbal creativity, mate value, and sexual selection. website
  • Michael Church; co-advisor, Anthropology, 2012.  A quantitative analysis of Renaissance Italian palaces as forms of conspicuous consumption. website
  • Helen Davis, co-advisor, Anthropology, 2014; Variable education exposure and cognitive task performance among the Tsimané forager-horticulturalists. dissertation  website
  • Chris Jenkins, main advisor, 2014; Sensorimotor synchronization and individual differences in intelligence: A chromometric perspective on music evolution. website
  • Eveline Seghers, co-advisor, 2014 (University of Ghent, Belgium);   dissertation  website
  • Ruth Sarafin, main advisor, expected completion 2020; Social and sexual risk-taking by women.  website


  • Paul Andrews, main advisor, 2002-2003; Projects on social cognition, emotional pain, depression, and parasuicide website  
  • Eveline Seghers, main advisor, 2017-2018; Projects on evolutionary aesthetics, visual arts, religion, and costly signalingwebsite