I’ve subscribed to a lot of magazines over the years. Here are the ones I find most consistently informative, thought-provoking, fun, open-minded, and/or useful in keeping up with pop culture:

  • The Economist: the best global weekly news magazine, with an optimistic, classical liberal perspective amazon link

  • Bloomberg Businessweek: the best US weekly news magazine, packed with interesting stories amazon link

  • Reason: a great libertarian monthly, focused on politics, culture, and freedom amazon link

  • Wired: monthly tech magazine that’s still going strong amazon link

  • Psychology Today: monthly quality coverage of psychology research & issues amazon link

  • Juxtapoz: quarterly art magazine focused on the LA pop surrealism scene amazon link

  • Esquire: monthly men’s magazine for hipster fun amazon link

  • Entertainment Weekly: weekly news about movies, TV, music, & pop culture amazon link