Recommended Reading arranged by topic

Evolutionary Psychology

  • The Blank Slate (2003) by Steven Pinker  link 
  • Evolutionary Psychology (5th Ed.) (2014) by David Buss  link 
  • Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology (2nd Ed.). (2015) by David Buss  link 
  • Animal Behavior: An evolutionary approach (10th Ed.) (2013), by John Alcock  link 
  • Principles of Animal Communication (2nd Ed.). (2011) by Jack Bradbury et al.  link 
  • Primate Adaptation and Evolution (3rd Ed.). (2013) by John Fleagle  link 

Human Sexuality

  • Why Women Have Sex (2010) by Cindy Meston & David Buss  link 
  • Discovering Human Sexuality (3rd Ed.) (2015) by Simon LeVay et al.  link 
  • Primate Sexuality (2nd Ed.). (2013) by Alan Dixson  link 
  • Mating in Captivity (2007) by Esther Perel  link 
  • The Ethical Slut (3rd Ed.) (2017) by Dossie Easton et al.  link 
  • Playing Well with Others (2012) by Lee Harrington et al.  link 
  • Unwanted Advances (2017) by Laura Kipnis  link 
  • The Myth of Sex Addiction (2014) by David Ley  link 
  • Dataclysm (2015) by Christian Rudder  link 

Individual Differences: Intelligence, Personality, Behavior Genetics

  • Intelligence (2016) by Stuart Ritchie  link 
  • Behavioral Genetics (6th Ed.). (2012) by Robert Plomin et al.  link 
  • Personality Traits (3rd Ed.). (2009) by Gerald Matthews et al.  link 
  • The Evolution of Personality and Individual Differences (2010) by David Buss et al.  link 
  • The 10,000 Year Explosion (2009) by Gregory Cochran et al.  link 

Effective Altruism, Virtue-Signaling, and Politics

  • Doing Good Better (2016) by William MacAskill  link 
  • The Most Good You Can Do (2016) by Peter Singer  link 
  • 80,000 Hours (2016) by Benjamin Todd  link 
  • Veganomics (2013) by Nick Cooney  link 
  • Superintelligence (2016) by Nick Bostrom  link 
  • Global Catastrophic Risks (2011) by Nick Bostrom et al.  link 
  • The Righteous Mind (2013) by Jonathan Haidt  link 
  • The Rational Optimist (2011) by Matt Ridley  link 
  • The Moral Landscape (2011) by Sam Harris  link 

Consumer Behavior

  • The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899/2009) by Thorstein Veblen  link
  • The Darwin Economy (2013) by Robert H. Frank  link